One of the things I constantly hear is “how do you find the time to workout?!” and you can almost see people’s brains working trying to figure out how it’s possible. Well, Runner’s World made a good point earlier this week:

But this recent item on (which is based on this recent item in The New York Times) sort of stuck in my craw. The gist of said items being that most of us can’t seem to find 30 consecutive minutes most days to exercise.

We do manage, however, to “squeeze in” an average 2.8 hours per day of TV viewing.

That first bit + the second stat =

So true.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we all have days where there’s nothing you want to do but veg out and watch some terrible reality show that you’ll never admit you watch (Take Me Out anyone?). But, even when you’re quick to say “I don’t have time,” you probably do have a few minutes to spare. Here are five easy ways…

1) Could you cut down on your getting ready time in the morning by doing some prep the night before? Get your lunch ready, lay out your clothes, assemble your work bag, etc. By doing this, you could probably cut out 15 minutes or so. That’s more than enough time to do a quick circuit workout like this or this.

2) Do you get a lunch break? Take 30 minute and go for a walk outside. This 30 minutes of movement will do much more than just work your muscles, it will also work your mind and refresh you for the afternoon.

3) If you work at a desk (like me), it can be hard to sit all. day. long. Try to get up once an hour and do a lap around the office (take the long way to the restroom) and challenge yourself to do leg lifts and other mini-workouts while at your desk. Kara at Kara Runs even does squats and lunges in her office bathroom throughout the day! You might think that one minute here and one minute there don’t do anything, but it makes a difference.

4) Do you spend your night relaxing on the couch? For one of your favorite shows, use the commercial time to do a workout. That’ll give you about 15 minutes. You can break up the commercial breaks and focus on one abs, one on squats, one on crunches, one on stretching, etc.

5) Is there something else you can give up? Is there a TV show you don’t have to watch because you don’t really like it, or can you skip happy hour for one night out of the week to squeeze a work out in? Even getting one or two exercise sessions a week makes a huge difference. When combined with other efforts such as doing mini-workouts throughout the work day, you will make a difference.


When it comes down to it, there will be the days when you simply don’t have the time. Work, family, all of that good stuff often takes priority… and that’s okay. But out of seven days in the week, there has to be some minutes that you can free up to work out. After all, you aren’t only working yourself physically but you are helping improve yourself mentally… making you a better person all around.


What do you do to find the time to workout? What are some tips for people who say “I don’t have time”? 

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