I don’t think I can say this about today, yet, since I’ve technically only been up for 15 minutes. I had a GREAT weekend, it was so much fun and BUSY! Yesterday I woke up super early (like even before my alarm!) and managed to watch about 20 minutes of the women’s marathon before I had to head out the door and drive two hours south to my parents from where my friend’s wedding was. I am so proud of Kara and Shalane and while I know they were hoping to medal, I think they did a great job. And, I can’t believe Gelena set an Olympic record after all the speculation about the course wearing the runners down due to the turns. I wonder what could have happened if it was more of a straight shot?!

Anyways, my sister hosted a bridal shower for me that was absolutely amazing (more details soon!)! I felt bad because I had to run out on my guests a little early to catch a flight… only to get to the airport and find out the flight was delayed for THREE hours! I think airports hate me. Or New York City likes to punish me for leaving because traveling is never easy it seems. Definitely not fun considering I had my wedding dress with me (which the airline wasn’t very accommodating, I ended up having to fly with it laying on top of me. But at least I didn’t have to worry about someone doing something to it).

So let’s just say I’m a little exhausted today! And hoping I get a seat on the subway on the way into work so I get a little bit more snoozing in.

I wanted to leave you with one of my new favorite songs by an artist that seems to be pretty awesome:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NKUpo_xKyQ]


How was your weekend? What did you think about the women’s marathon? What do you think of Ellie Goulding — yay or nay?

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