Yesterday I came home from work to a wonderful surprise from my friends at…


Yep! Chobani! Love them. They sent me this swag box to celebrate the Olympics. I wasn’t expecting all the amazingness that came out of this box.

First off, a super nice letter.


I love letters.

And then I saw this. And it was over.


How amazing is a tote bag with speakers? All I could think of is how amazing this will be on the beach in Jamaica. You know, after we do our couples massage for happy hour.

Plus a beach towel.

And a super spiffy water bottle (which you can’t see very well, but it’s on the left).


You best know that I will be rocking all of the above proudly. I love Chobani’s product and I also love who they are as a company. They are like that best friend that you can hang out with and know that it’ll always be a good time.


What are your must-have items for the beach? What companies do you love for their American spirit? 

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