Apologies for the jumbled post yesterday, I think I was still sleeping when I wrote it? I am in major sleep debt and am excited to hopefully cancel it out this weekend. Is it sad that I’m looking forward to the weekend and it’s only Tuesday? Oops.

Three thoughts this morning:

1) I realized that exhaustion is my kryptonite. And no, I’m not trying to sound like a celebrity making up excuses for rehab. I feel like when I’m tired or running on a lack of sleep, I eat way more unhealthy (Mountain Dew for breakfast? May or may not have happened 3 out of the last 5 days.) and have less motivation to work out… and then in turn, I just feel icky and bad about myself and the vicious cycle continues. It’s funny how when you start making one or two healthy decisions, the rest just falls into place. It’s like I didn’t go run five miles just to throw it away for some candy? Or junk food?

I am so happy to be back on track and in my old routine… at least getting there. I did five miles this morning followed by an ab workout and drank lots of water — more water than I think I did all weekend! Already I’m feeling better and more energized (even though I’m pretty sure I could have slept til 11 a.m. if you would have let me).


2) I bought this workout tank (I was going to say top but then realized I’m not a 50-year-old woman) from Target this weekend, it was on clearance.

It is the weirdest material. It basically feels (and let’s face it, looks) like a swimsuit top. Target says it’s their wicking material. It is really comfortable though and I think it would be great to get caught in a rainstorm with it.


3) Did you watch the finish of the men’s 10,000? I was only able to watch up to minute seven or eight (after all the pushing and tripping) and heard about Galen’s finish but OMG, you have to watch it because it is absolutely amazing and incredible. NBC has a great recap video. If you don’t have time to watch the full 5-ish minutes, speed up to 3:20 to watch the finish. I could seriously watch this about 10 times a day and still get chills at the finish.


What is your kryptonite? What has your favorite track and field finish been in the Olympics so far? 



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