We run a lot and apparently we also drink a lot.

A study from the University of Miami reports that:

A 2009 study from the University of Miami found that the more people exercise, the more they drink—with the most active women consuming the highest amounts every month. It’s a peculiar phenomenon that has had scientists scratching their heads since 1990, when research first pinpointed the alcohol-exercise connection. But they expected that, at some point, the script would be flipped—that the biggest boozers would exercise less. Never happened.

Instead, this landmark 2009 analysis of more than 230,000 men and women revealed that, on average, drinkers of both genders and all ages (not just wild twentysomethings) were 10 percent more likely to engage in vigorous exercise like running. Heavy drinkers exercised 10 minutes more each week than moderate drinkers and 20 minutes more than abstainers. An extra bender actually increased the number of minutes of total and vigorous exercise the men and women did that week.


Very interesting. Scientists say it could be because after drinking too much and ingesting all those calories, people are like “Oh no, let me go run this off.” Um, I’m sorry but that’s the last thing I’m thinking about after a long night of drinking…

Others think that it’s a way to relieve stress. Isn’t that what running is for? I mean, at least when I’m running, I’m not worrying about how much my bar tab is or how I’m going to feel the next day.

Maybe the real reason is that runners are fun people. We do stuff that put smiles on our faces. So if it’s a 10 mile run or happy hour with friends, we are down for a good time. And since we run, we have more energy to do more stuff… like hang out with our favorite peeps.


What do you think? Why do you think runners supposedly drink more? 

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