I TiVo’ed the men’s marathon this morning and cut myself from all forms of communication until I was able to watch the race a few hours later. I wasn’t even sure if I should call my mom because while she isn’t a running fan, I was nervous she would randomly let it slip.

Anyways, I thought it was a great race! Meb was a leader from the beginning, and while he dropped back a bit, he fought back to take 4th place. He had an amazing race and while it’s easy to be disappointed that you aren’t on the podium, a 4th place finish in the world is incredible, especially since nobody seems to recognize him for his talent.

The weather wasn’t the greatest, despite what the announcers wanted you to believe. Seriously, when are they going to learn that marathon weather is awesome when it’s ideal for the runners not the spectators? High humidity and I think the temperatures were in the high 70s… grossness. Not to mention the course, wow — some of those turns were insane! I can’t imagine running at a 5 minute pace and trying to navigate those turns.

Ryan Hall and Abdi¬†Abdirahman seemed to drop out in succession of each other. After Abdi had such a strong start, I was a little surprised that he was quick to drop out. I guess they know their bodies best, and it was interesting because it seemed like most of the coverage of Meb was because he was the “only” American still competing. I think they should of focused more on how great of a runner he is, but hey, that’s just me.

Stephen Kiprotich had an amazing finish. I mean, how in the world do you outrun the Kenyans? He definitely showed the world how. And by the way, doesn’t Uganda have the best flag?


Totally love the chicken.

It was a fabulous race and I really hope that Meb isn’t overshadowed for his great finish because he didn’t get a medal. The marathon is a finicky race and you never know what surprises will come your race. He is a true champion and I hope Americans celebrate him as that!


What did you think about the men’s race? What was your favorite moment of the race?¬†

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