My computer apparently has a case of the Mondays since it is acting like a ghost took it over. ANYWAYS.

I am so sad the Olympics are officially over! These games had so many ups and downs, so many stories of triumph and heartbreak. The double-amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius and South Sudanese marathoner Guor Marial showed us that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.  The heartbreak of Lolo Jones and Morgan Uceny show us that sometimes, the dice doesn’t roll in our favor. In four years, there will be another games with the same amount of inspiration and heartbreak. And the countdown begins…

No Olympics also means an earlier bedtime, which means I don’t flounder around 10 minutes after my alarm debating about getting up. I was out the door at least 8 minutes faster than last week. I was momentarily excited because it felt like there was a chill in the air… you know, the chill that means fall! But then I realized it was just the chill of the night masking the humidity that is to come today. Either way, it was a great day for running.

I have a 10 mile race this weekend that I didn’t realize was next weekend! It’s in Prospect Park, three loops in fact, so it will be great preparation for the Brooklyn Marathon. I just don’t feel like I’m race ready, even though I’ve been running all summer, I haven’t been training. I’ve missed having a training mentality and am excited to get back into training mode with the upcoming Ragnar race as well as the Brooklyn Marathon. I somewhat started training last Monday, but this week I’m really going to kick it into gear.

Oh, and I have to mention that I actually did a real ab workout after my run this morning. Usually I lounge around on the floor, surfing Facebook and my email for minutes between seconds of actually doing working out. My abs are quivering as I type because I actually pushed myself for once. That is one thing that surprises me about Ryan Hall, actually. I read yesterday that he doesn’t have a coach. And while I know he has the talent and is obviously pushing himself very well, I think a coach adds an element that elites need. Sure, you can push yourself… but if you have someone else there giving you that extra edge, it will help you run smarter and faster.


Do you think Ryan Hall should have a coach? What are you going to do with your time now that the Olympics are over? 

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