One of the things we’ve learned about Maine Coon cats is that they have BIG personalities, which means they are quite vocal. Jax in particular is a cat that talks all the time. He is constantly meowing, trilling or making some form of noise. When I wake up in the morning, he is usually already at the bedroom door meowing and trying to break in, or at least when I open the doors, he is there ready to greet me. Not this morning.

I opened the door, no Jax. I started doing my stretching and he was still nowhere to be found. He finally sauntered by without so much as a whimper. I tried petting him and he kept moving. So of course, during my entire run this morning, I was panicked thinking he was on the verge of death because he had contracted some weird form of malaria from a sewer mosquito.

Nope, apparently cats just get crabby too. I came back from my run and he was back to his chipper self. Phew. 

This morning’s run was rough, not going to lie. I was debating between just doing a loop in the park or going a little longer and trying to have my park time be tempo time. I opted for a longer seven mile run. But, by time I got to the park, I was already a sweaty mess. Turns it, the humidity is at 79%! Complete grossness. I started to get a side ache halfway through — awesome — and worked through it, but no more tempo pace. I think I was side achy because I needed water. After about five miles, I would have given anything for an ice cold glass of water…

I made it through and I think it was definitely one of those runs that makes you stronger in the long run (ha, no pun intended).

Without sounding like a creepster, I want to give a shout out to this woman that I’ve seen working it in Prospect Park since spring. When she first started, she could barely even run. She did a walk-shuffle, but always had a smile on her face. This morning she was in a full-fledged RUN! I was so proud of her, I wanted to tell her that but I’m pretty sure that would sound creepy. I wonder if other people notice me as much as I notice them?

Time for my new favorite breakfast drink — one scoop of CLICK Mocha with 4 ounces of 2% milk and 8 ounces of water. I am not a big coffee fan so only using one scoop with some milk is perfect.

And it helps to keep me full all morning (along with my breakfast salad). Today I am also looking forward to snacking on these, which I was lucky to win on Twitter!


Do your pets ever get crabby? Do you notice progress in people that you see on your everyday runs? 

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