I may or may not have snacked on this while I did my weights this morning.


It counts as water, right?!

Anyways, it was a very very very humid morning this morning on my run. Like more humid than I remember it being in Florida! I never realized that the East Coast suffered from so much humidity, but I guess it’s because of our proximity to the ocean? It’s supposed to rain today so *fingers crossed* it returns things to normal.

I did a quick four mile run since my legs are a little tired from yesterday. Without the Olympics keeping us up until past midnight, I feel like I’m finally well rested! Wahoo!

I also spent some time with this baby this morning.


My new BFF. I did 45 kettlebell swings… oof. I better have some nice looking arms soon. My wedding dress requires it.

I am switching things up this morning to keep life exciting… adding avocado to my breakfast salad. Yep, definitely living on the edge.

So pumped to try it this morning.


Any other ideas for kettlebell workouts? What do you like to add avocado to? 

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