Boo, I’ve come down with a cold of some sort IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER. I took this morning off from running, and yesterday too, mainly because I couldn’t fathom getting out of bed because I was so exhausted and achy. I figured I need to rest up with the upcoming race on Sunday. I am so disappointed because I feel like taking a few days off is always a major setback. Bummer.

The rest of Friday Randomness will be much more cheerful, I promise.


Favorite Five


Race officials announced that they will be making the Madison Marathon a fall marathon. Too many close calls with the heat. I think this is a good decision but it is sad that it won’t finish at the brat fest anymore. They will still hold a few races that weekend so if you need to burn off all those calories beforehand, you still have that opportunity. I think this will be the first of a few that are moving to the fall after the hot spring we had this year (and the stress that it causes officials).

And, speaking of marathoning, how awesome does this race — the Patagonia Marathon — look?! Seriously! It looks absolutely beautiful and I would love to run an international marathon someday — and not just the “usual” Berlin, London, etc… something fun and exotic, and this definitely fits the bill.


This is seriously my new obsession. Little Black Bag.

It’s a shopping site for accessories and beauty items. It’s one of those monthly subscription services where you can say you don’t want to buy blah blah blah. Anyways, for $57 you pick one top item that you want (they are all by designers like Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson, Kenneth Jay Lane, Jessica Simpson and BCBG). Then they give you two other items. You then have a week to trade with other people for better and different items. Yesterday was my first day and I now have 8 items in my cart, including this awesome necklace.

This is one item that I don’t think I’m going to trade unless something really¬†cool comes up.

It’s not something that I would want to do every month since I don’t need to spend money on new handbags and necklaces all the time (I mean it would be fun to!), but I think it’s a fun splurge and the process is so cool! Very addicting though, warning if you are interested in signing up. I will have to share what my final bag looks like (I really want to get some dry shampoo?! But no one will trade me, must be a hot item — hah).


What are you loving right now? Any random thoughts for this beautiful Friday? 

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