Today was the start of my new workout routine and it felt good. Mostly because my body is still sore from this weekend (10 mile race + 20 minutes of arm strengthening = super soreness) so I think it was happy to have a break from running.

Although I designed a workout that was a little harder than I expected:


One of the things I have a really hard time with is “digging deep.” I think from marathon training, I have a mentality that I need to keep a steady pace and push through the entire workout where I feel like strength training and HIIT workouts are more about doing the max NOW. Because you will always find more. I tried to focus on this this morning and limit my rest breaks, but man, those V-Ups BURN. Is it just me or do those babies really make a difference?!

We’ll see if I pushed myself hard enough. I guess I’ll know later this afternoon whether I’m sore or not. Or if my stomach muscles are jiggling from fatigue as I sit at my desk all day…

I realized yesterday afternoon that I forgot to announce a winner for the PRO Compression giveaway! Andddd the winner is:



Congratulations! Please email me at bklynrunning (at) within the next 48 hours and we’ll get your socks shipped out to you!

If you didn’t win, visit my fellow Ragnar teammates Kara and Erin, they are also hosting giveaways for PRO Compression!


How do you know if you’re “digging deep”? Is it something you struggle with? 

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