Last night started off well when I started to realize my abs were sore at the end of my work day. YES. Finally, I found a way to push myself and actually, physically, feel a difference.

We then did something that we haven’t done in what seems like forever. When we first moved here, C would always meet me up by my work on Fridays and we would go find random places and restaurants to go to. We did that last night! We were supposed to meet up with a friend but he never made it into town, so we scoped out some welcome dinner clothes for C (apparently stores by Grand Central only cater to people with waist sizes larger than 40) and then headed on our way.

We ended up at an old favorite — Third & Long (Matt Long’s bar) — and finished the night at Wildwood Barbeque which is some of the best BBQ in the city. I, of course, really wanted to head to my favorite place ever but C wasn’t in the mood for Mexican (seriously, how does that happen?! I’m always down for some guac!).

Anyways, C let me know that I had two very exciting packages at home…

…including some goodies from our Ragnar sponsors Injinji and Gu!

We are going to be well socked and fueled!!

I also received my scale that I won from iHealth Labs and Sweat Pink. I am so so so excited to try this baby out! I haven’t told you guys, but I’m currently in a weight loss challenge with my sister. It’s more of a “be healthy and you can win” type of challenge since it’s not focused on how much weight you lose, but if you can make a difference in your measurements — including building muscle — in a certain amount of time. And, the winners get money! The timing is great with the wedding and all.

And of course, very detrimental to said challenge, after we got home last night I had to dig in to my Ben & Jerry’s Banana Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt. This stuff is amazing. Creepster agrees.

(He has this weird thing where he looks over your shoulder if you eat dessert. If you try to hold up the fork or spoon or whatever, he gives you a look and turns away like you are trying to give him poison. Apparently he just likes to watch. Weirdo.)


What did you do on your last “fun” night? Have you ever done a weight loss challenge contest? Do your pets have any weird habits?


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