Remember earlier this year, when I talked about that runner that was super annoying? Here’s an excerpt in case you forgot:

When he runs, he punches the air and screams out random stuff. I’m not saying yells, but SCREAMS. Like you can hear him at least a quarter mile away. He yells stuff like YEAHHHHHH and GET IT, GET IT. He even starts to rap outloud, to no beat and it sounds awful. I think he’s a boxer by nature and just runs for cross training. But I really don’t like him. One time, I caught up to him (my pace was just faster than him) and went to pass him, but he kept speeding up… but then he would completely die out and have to stop, and next thing I know he was sprinting by me.

Anyways, when I saw him this ahead of me this morning — well I should say heard — I was like “oh great, here we go again…” I haven’t seen him for months, I truthfully kind of forgot about him. He ditched the rapping, and instead seemed to be praying to himself by saying random phrases and yelling “GLORY” every once in awhile. Still yelling, but not as annoying as off-beat rapping.

And then when I went past him, I heard the most amazing thing — he was telling himself “pace yourself… you’ll get there… it’s not a race.” I wanted to give him a high five and a pat on the back for learning that when you run, you run for YOURSELF. Unless you’re a crazy elite like Meb or Kara or Shalane, you are running for your own goals and racing against nobody but yourself.

In that moment, he went from one of my least favorite runners to someone who deserves a thumbs up.

You know what else deserves a thumbs up?


Yep, I did it! I’m so pumped. Time for a mini celebration, aka some CLICK Mocha with 4 ounces of milk and 8 ounces of water (I am not a coffee drinker so I found that one scoop of Mocha makes it amazingly delicious AND still keeps me full for most of the morning).


Have you ever seen an annoying runner (or someone) change for the better? What gets a thumbs up in your world today? 

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