Last night was very exciting in our household, I think I was able to cross off 16 things on our wedding to do list. I also wrote excuses notes next to the other ones of what needs to be done. Progress! It makes me feel slightly less stressed out.

I woke up bright and early to get my run on, and was happy that I didn’t sleep through my alarm.

ready to run!

Apparently my era of sleep deprivation is over. I was planning on going 14 miles, but didn’t realize how humid it was outside. I also didn’t realize how big of a klutz I am.

I was running through the park, minding my own business… probably thinking about something very important like how we should arrange the flowers at the ceremony and


Flat on my face. Yes, I fell. Running. Really?

A nice man stopped and asked how I was doing, and even when I said I was fine he didn’t look convinced. Apparently the fall must have looked awful (or he could have just been super confused how someone can fall while running).

I tripped over my shoelace, I’ve almost done this before so lesson learned: Don’t make big loops in your shoelaces because your running shoe may get caught. And you’ll fall. And it will hurt.

I ended up looking pretty bad ass for the rest of my run with my bloody knee and hand, along with some serious looking road rash on my elbow. I think that may have been my fastest time up the hill (I fell at the base) as I tried to run away from everyone who saw me fall.

By time I got out of the park, my hand was killing me and I felt really dehydrated so I cut the run short and headed home. Where I proceeded to drink 40 ounces of water and Nuun. I’m not too bummed about cutting the run short, I mean it sucks that I didn’t follow through on my initial plan, but next week is when it starts to be make it or break it as I am starting to train for the Brooklyn Marathon (I realized the whole starting to train at the beginning of August was too long of a training period, but that’s just me). Plus I am running THE COLOR RUN tomorrow! Woo woo!


How did you spend your Friday night? Have you ever fallen on a run? What are you running plans for the weekend? 




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