Since this is not your normal run, it does not deserve my normal race recap! Enjoy…

When I first heard about The Color Run, I knew it was a race I had to run. I successfully stalked the website for WEEKS to find out when they were opening registration for NYC. Along the way, I convinced two friends who also wanted to run the race.

And finally, it was HERE! I was a little nervous because the race was allll the way out in Brooklyn. Like where subways don’t go. But, I had faith that it would work out and woke up slightly earlier than a weekday and hopped on the train, hoping my teammates were on their way and we would meet up at the start.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you our team name. Since I was running with two physical therapists, they of course named our team after a muscle.

Yep, Gluteus Maximus. Ha.

Anyways, I ran into Rima on the train (I have no idea how we coordinated that!) and before long we were acquainted with Ed in the runner’s village. Which by the way, was unlike any other runner’s village I’ve experienced — very relaxed, laid back and full of laughs. The lack of running for time really put everyone at ease and made the race focused on one thing — FUN!

We headed to the start line and before long we were racing. They had color stations set up throughout the course and you could spend as much time as you wanted there getting “color bombed”… many people even laid on the ground and made snow angels in the powder.

At the finish, we were funneled to a post-race party area with a DJ (awesome music) and time to get color bombed.

They would coordinate for the crowd to throw their powder packets into the air at the same time, making an amazing scene and of course adding to the colorful morning. We worked ourselves up to the front and before long were COVERED in the powdered paint. It was amazing.

Bottom Line: 
The Color Run was more amazing than I ever imagined. It was well organized and who doesn’t love looking like you walked through a rainbow?! It was SO fun and awesome.

If you’re running The Color Run, my tips…

  • Run it with friends and as a team… color coordinate your clothing or wear costumes. We saw so many fun team names and shirts, skirts, socks, etc. It makes the experience way more fun!
  • Cover your phone in plastic (i.e., put it in a sandwich bag) and bring it along with you for the race! I was surprised at how well it took pictures even in a plastic bag.
  • Stay for the post-race party!! I never stay for post-race parties, like ever. But this one was AMAZING and so fun. I felt like I was at an exclusive concert at like 9 a.m.
  • Invite your friends who aren’t runners. I think it’s a great race for first-time runners — there’s no pressure and it’s a great way to get started in running. You want to walk through the color stations anyways, so for someone who is building up mileage, it’s a great race. (We saw some families and I think it’s a FUN race for kids — they all had the biggest smiles on their faces!)
  • Bring your SMILE. This race is all about having fun, enjoying yourself and making memories! After all, it is the happiest 5K on the planet… and I’m pretty sure there was not one grumpy person on the course.

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