This week was quite an adventurous one that had many “firsts.” I had my first running fall (thank you all for your kind words, I’m happy to hear that I’m not alone in my klutziness) and afterwards, I went to Coney Island with friends to spend a day at the park. We had a Groupon that needed to be used up by next weekend (isn’t that how it always goes with Groupon?).

I feel like Coney Island is kind of a “must do” at some point if you live in NYC. They recently restored the park and the rides remind me of the ones that we went on when we were kids at the country fair. But, my body seems to have a harder time handling it.

My favorite ride was the Wonder Wheel, which has been in operation since the early 1900s! You can either be in a stationary car or you can go in a swinging car, which goes down a little ramp for extra “wee” during the ride. And, we got some awesome views!

We finished up the day with a trip to a new restaurant down the street, Lavender Lake. Doesn’t the name just sound awesome? We sat in the back patio and it was a perfect summer night. I tried brussel sprouts for the first time (no, my mom never made us eat these when we were kids) and they were pretty good!

They were fried and came with an awesome dip, so that could be why. C refused to join in on the mini-adventure.

And then of course yesterday was the amazing Color Run! I am still smiling from how awesome this race was. Oh, and one more team picture to share with you:

I extended my adventurousness to this morning where I actually pushed myself on my Monday run — *gasp*. Usually Mondays are for recovery and I don’t try to go out too hard so I can give my body some working rest. I did 10 stride outs or sprints during the run, which felt nice even though it’s back to being super humid (ew).


Did you try anything new this weekend? Do you have certain days that are always recovery runs or work outs? 

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