Yesterday I couldn’t help but search for apartment floorplans that had really big closets, and lots of them, to dream and remember about the day when we had really big closets…

Our apartment is big by NYC standards (probably 700-800′ feet). We have two closets. One that C and I share for our clothes (and my shoes) and the other is our winter jacket/linens/storage/everything else closet. After living in our apartment for two years, we are very close to growing out of it. Hence the big closet dreams.

I found this floorplan for an apartment in Austin and fell in love…





Let’s just talk about the closets. Are there seriously 4 CLOSETS in this place plus a storage area on the patio? Not to mention that there is an optional fireplace for third floor. Um, move me in please.

(Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love living in NYC but there are days when I wish life was a little bit easier, time moved a little slower and I just had a little bit more space!)

Anyways, this morning was my newly established cross training day. Yesterday, I saw this workout on FitFluential’s Facebook page from Live Love and Run:


Ooh, it was a toughie — that’s for sure! Exactly what I was looking for. C bought a 20 pound kettlebell to add to our collection and its just my size! I still couldn’t do the snatches or the windmills with it and ended up using a barbell. But my arms have the jellied feeling so I can’t wait to be sore later!


Tell me about your closets so I can live through you. Whats the best tough workout you’ve found on the web? 

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