You all know that I think Meb is the greatest and yesterday he posted a summary of the Olympics marathon in his own words — it really is amazing. You should read it when you get a chance. I didn’t realize that he was in so much pain from the cobblestone streets, but I guess it makes sense — especially since elites where those thin racing flats.

This really stuck out to me:

At the USA fluid station, I was handed Ryan Hall’s drink. I was upset I did not get handed my special fluid. I turned and looked back to find Ryan and he was a little behind. I decided to slow down for him to catch up and hand him his drink. Unfortunately, he could not grab my drink. He drank his drink and he offered me the rest of his drink. Usually, I don’t try something new on race day, but since it was over 70 degrees and 77 % humidity, I drank his drink. Unfortunately, Ryan’s drink didn’t settle well with my stomach, because I got a painful stitch in my stomach a couple of miles later. This pain caused me to fall back from the lead.

Some people may criticize my decision to fall back and give my teammate his drink, but if I had to do it again I would do the same all over again. It was the right thing to do and I am proud of my decision.

I think it is an amazing example of his character and who he is as a person. This is a good reminder to all of us non-elite runners… there are always those stories about people who collapse during marathons and the runners keep running (this happened at one of my H.S. cross country meets and the girl nearly DIED because nobody would stop… I was in front of her so I didn’t see her go down but it was unbelievable). If Meb — an elite runner going for a GOLD MEDAL — can slow down to help a teammate, those of us trying to break a personal record can definitely slow down to help a runner in need.

Kind of on a related note, I saw what I think is a lost kitty on my run this morning in the park. She (or he) was well-groomed and didn’t look like a stray and meowed at me… I never know what to do in these situations? Who do you call or tell? What do you do? I can’t exactly bring her back to my apartment to chill because you don’t know if she’s sick or has fleas, but at the same time, I hate the idea that someone is looking for their lost kitty and I have no way to tell them “oh hey, s/he is here!” A good reminder why your cat shouldn’t go outside (especially if you live in the city!).

C was shocked that I woke up this morning to run since I’m running the NFL Back to Football Run. But I figured it was good practice for Ragnar since we will be running more than once in a day. Plus my whole body feels stiff from Tuesday’s workout — thank you kettlebell.


What do you think of Meb’s decision to help a fellow runner in the Olympics? Do you do double workout days often? 

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