Since my goal for the weekend was to focus on the wedding 100%, I decided to reward myself for my awesome work with a little shopping spree to Century 21. If you ever visit New York City, this (along with getting froyo with me) is a must. This store if absolutely crazy but it is so worth it because you can get some phenomenal deals.

My running clothes (well, let’s just face it… my entire wardrobe) is in drastic need of a refreshing. I pick up gear here and there but it wasn’t until last week’s NFL Back to Football Run that I realized my clothes is a couple years to old.

Anyways, I headed to Century 21 and found some AWESOME deals. Like so exciting.

I forgot to take a picture, but I got a hot pink sports bra for $13 or so.


And then I got these Puma shorts for $18.

Along with this shirt for $13.

They have them in several different colors and I think I’m going to try to go back soon so I can get the other ones. I wore it last night when I was doing a quick kettlebell workout and it’s really comfortable.

I also bought this shirt, I really like the bright colors.

As you can tell, I was in a PURPLE mood.


Where do you buy your workout clothes? How long have you had your oldest article of clothing that you still wear? I have some stuff from high school still… 

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