It might be a ridiculous 80-some percent humidity outside with a dew point in the 60s (did I relocate to the south in my sleep?), but today is the BEST DAY because it’s the start of the NFL season!

I love football. And forgot to mention yesterday that it was one of my favorite things about fall. Seriously, with that slip up, I’m not sure if they will let me watch the sport.

Back in the day, I used to love the Cowboys. Like when I was in 4th grade. And then the state of Wisconsin threatened to kick me out since I wasn’t a Packer fan, so I became a Packer fan. Brett Favre annoyed me when I was in high school (I dunno, I felt like he had this whole act going that he was Mr. Perfect and could do no wrong — blech). I rekindled my love for the Packers once Aaron Rodgers took the reigns.

Regardless if the Packers are playing tonight, I am ready to watch some football! And do some shopping because like the Yankees gear, Victoria’s Secret has the best gear for NFL teams. Check out this hoodie:


This will be mine very soon.

Speaking of really cool gear, we ordered our shirts for Ragnar! This will be in addition to gear our awesome sponsors Under Armour, PRO Compression, Injinji, Bondi Band and Running Skirts are supporting us with. I will share pictures as soon as we get them but they are AWESOME. I love the designs our team came up with!

Back to the important stuff: running. Yesterday I didn’t get a run in because I had such a hard time getting out of bed that I missed my window of opportunity. It was like the days before I trained myself to be a morning person. It happens, right?

So this morning I tackled 5 miles in the park and followed up with a plank — 1:30. Still haven’t beat my 2 minute mark, but I will get there. I am thinking about making a goal of making it to three minutes before the wedding. Which is only like 37 days away or something like that! How crazy is that?!


Are you a football fan? Who’s your favorite team? 

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