One of my favorite parts of my job is the fact that we have every magazine subscription under the planet and as part of my job, I need to leaf through them to see what they cover and if there’s anything relevant to our clients. However, when it comes to anything health and fitness related, my leafing becomes more like engrossed reading…

In Redbook, I found this little tidbit of information:

I agree. 100%. When I don’t get enough sleep, I’m tired. When I’m tired, I drink Mountain Dew and eat Sour Patch Kids in large quantities. This usually leaves me feeling like crap about myself. Ugh. So note to self: always get enough sleep.

Jordin Sparks was also on the cover of this edition of Redbook and she lost a lot of weight. She looked great before but she is absolutely glowing now.

She also talked about her new diet, which is less of a diet and more of an approach to healthy living.



I think she makes some really good points. It’s SO important to find an exercise you love because not only are you more likely to stick with it, but it’s more likely to become an integral part of your life. She also approached her new style of living in different phases, which I think is an interesting approach.

Lastly, I love her view on diet:



This too is an excellent point. I am an emotional eater and like to eat when I get frustrated, sad, bored, tired, etc… you name it. I think asking yourself if you are truly hungry is so important. But I always wonder, what if you can’t distinguish between whether you are hungry of if you are feeling one of those emotions? Any tips?


What celebrity are you most proud of for finding a healthy lifestyle? Are you an emotional eater? How do you combat against it? 

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