Race phrase: Push It

Pre-race preparation: Last night we had a lazy day at home. It was hot and stormy outside so what better to spend a day than to work on wedding projects and watch “Think Like a Man” (it’s funny, watch it). We did venture out for a few errands but had a quiet evening at home with sloppy joes and fries for dinner (I wasn’t that hungry but I’m glad I ate). We also found a new place to buy craft beer and I stumbled upon this pumpkin cider.

What a great way to get into fall mode! It was good. Although not my favorite cider, I would probably get it again.

I set my alarm for 5:47 a.m. because even though MTA said it would only take 47 minutes to get to the Bronx, I couldn’t believe it.

So, I opened my eyes this morning, looked at the clock and saw…



Extreme panic ensued, and the only thing I could think about is how my guaranteed entry into next year’s NYC Half is now gone. I woke C up and we both decided that it was worth trying to get there on time. I threw my clothes on, grabbed some sport beans and headed out the door — not even bothering to tie my shoes.

I got on the train and realized I was going to make it with minutes to spare. I sat back and enjoyed my sport beans and relaxed slightly.

I got to my corral about 5 minutes before the race started. PHEW.

Actual race:
After the whole oversleeping thing, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t stretch. I didn’t even have time to go to the bathroom before the race! Suddenly we were off and I felt really good. My first mile was about 8 minutes, and that trend continued throughout the race. I think mile 8 was a little short or maybe I was running a little fast since I cut off 45 seconds from what I was projecting in my head (or maybe my math was off). The last few miles I felt the best and was plowing through the hills to pass people. I did take liquid a few times during the race which I think was key, even if it wasn’t that warm out. I was around mile 8 when I realized I had a great shot for a PR, which was an awesome feeling after a disastrous start to the morning.

What I loved:
The course was out-and-back and while it wasn’t the most interesting, it gave me an opportunity to know what I could expect for the second half of the race. I was happy to see that while there were some uphills, there was a nice downhill in the last mile. The weather was GREAT — pretty sure that fall is finally here — and having a water station at every mile was helpful. Once again, NYRR organized a premier race and overall, I was just happy that I made it to the start on time!

Remember my first 10 mile race last month? I beat that time by 2 minutes! Still slower than my pace per mile for my half marathon last May, but getting closer to that standard.



Overall rating (4 out of 5 ups):


The race was great — awesome organization by NYRR — but I felt like the course was a little meh.

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