Yesterday I was super excited because I was quoted in an article about running on! Check it out — the reporter did a great job of making me sound really smart. 🙂


This week has also been great because we have started receiving all of our gear for Ragnar! We ordered some fantastic shirts from Running Banana. I am so excited that I might just have to post a sneak peek so you guys can see. Running Skirts is a great company that is sponsoring us at Ragnar and sent us some of their awesome skirts.

I already have arm sleeves and compression socks from the company, both of which I love. I’ve never run in a skirt before so I’m excited to try it out. I tried it on last night and it fit really well.

(As you can tell, I’ve been really excited and happy this week!)

This morning I wanted to work on my speed a bit. You may wonder how you do that if a) you don’t have a track to run on (boo) and b) you don’t have a Garmin to time you. I decided that I was going to do a tempo run in the park and just remember to push myself as I went. Well, I immediately failed as by time I got to the park, I forgot that I was doing that. Luckily, my momentarily blondeness went away and I picked up my pace. It felt really good to stride out at a faster pace, especially on the hills. And potentially the best part? Soreness!

On my way back home, I had a very deep thought: do the garbage men who have to pick up the garbage and run alongside the truck get paid more than the guy driving? Or does the guy driving get paid more because he has to deal with tight corners and NYC tiny streets?


Have you run in a running skirt before? What’d you think? What are you excited about this week? Which garbage person do you think gets paid more? 


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