After this, this and this, I was starting to wonder if I was ever going to have a good long run again. If this was going to be the marathon of failures since I can’t seem to get my Saturday runs together.

Fourth time’s a charm.

This morning I woke up and got out of bed a minute after the alarm went off. I was EXCITED to run. I knew I was going to rock this run. Sore throat? Sorry, not about to get me down. I fueled up with a Van’s gluten-free waffle, peanut butter and syrup and my new secret weapon (more on that later), and was out the door.

And then, it happened. My stupid gut started acting up AGAIN. About six miles in… I was trying to figure out the dilemma in my head. Do I head over to the McDonald’s I saw outside of the park (scary side), or do I just charge on? Do I try a port-a-potty and risk finding a homeless man passed out inside? I told myself I’d make a decision in a mile. My stomach starting hurting more. I dug my nails into my palm and told it to stop being such a jerk because I was NOT in the mood to deal with it. After negotiating for three miles or so, it finally stopped pressuring me to stop. Although the pain was still there, I won — mind over matter. (I am going to the GI doctor this week so let’s hope I get a solution… soon.)

Anyways, the rest of the run went relatively well. Especially considering my last two runs weren’t over 8 miles, I was expecting some difficulties in suddenly running 17 miles.

My three favorite things:

  1. Fall mornings are so beautiful. OK, the calendar may not say it’s officially fall, but in my head, it IS. And it was beautiful this morning watching the sun come up in Prospect Park. It’s times like this I wish I ran with my camera or my phone so I could capture the peaceful beauty of the city in the morning. At least I’ll have it in my memory.
  2. I found a new secret weapon. I typically don’t stray from my fueling strategy because I am worried that it’ll make the gut act up (what’s new) or it just won’t work. So I’ve had these in my fridge for what seems like forever:

    I had some before the Bronx 10 Miler last week and decided to snack on some before leaving the house this morning. I like it because they taste pretty good (almost like candy) and they pack a punch. I had some more with me on my run, but I was terrified to put anything into my gut because it might get angrier.

  3. I am going to be famous. I ran through a movie set this morning and was like 10 yards away from Mila Kunis! She is filming the Angriest Man in Brooklyn and so, when you go see the movie, if you see a sexy runner with a Fuel Belt and stringy blonde hair, yep, that’s me. I’m sure Angelina Jolie will be calling me soon to star in her next movie. Oh, and I also ran by the set for Blue Bloods. They weren’t filming yet, though. I don’t like that show, mostly because Tom Selleck will always be Richard to me.


So that’s that. I think this morning is proof that training is just that — something to get you ready for the Big Day. You will have some runs that are bad, some runs that are great, but in the end, they ALL prepare you for the marathon. On the days when you have those not-so-good runs, keep your chin up and take it for what it is: a chance to learn about yourself and your ability. A good run will come.

Time to try a new recovery drink, review (and giveaway!) later this week!


When did you have your last GREAT run? What’s your favorite way to fuel during a long run? 

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