For some reason, I make Sundays the most productive day of the week. I try to squeeze in so much stuff so it’s really not as relaxing as it should be. I was working on finishing up a special project for some friends (pictures later this week) and also started packing for the wedding. Yes, I know we don’t leave for three and a half more weeks, but I feel like if I wait to pack all of this stuff til the last minute I will go crazy.

Success: one bag packed. It weighed in at 49 lbs so let’s hope that the airport scale agrees. JetBlue charges some crazy fees for bags over 50 lbs.

I did get some time to relax on the couch, but this one wins the award for being the most lazy on Sunday:

He was literally wrapped up in the blanket with only his head and paw peeking out. Seriously, I thought cats were opposed to that “I’m wrapped up” feeling. Weirdo.

One of my friends posted this picture on Instagram (follow me – @loramarie03!) from Ireland:

How beautiful is that?! I always tease him that he’s not going to come back from his trip, ha. You definitely don’t see that much green here in NYC.

This morning I was going to do an easy 5 miles but woke up feeling worse than yesterday, boo. I thought I was getting better and was even telling C that I think I only got half the cold and was going to be better soon.


Anyways, I think one of the most difficult things is trying to determine when you are too sick to workout. There are clear signs — such as a fever or flu symptoms — that show that you are too sick to workout. But, when you have a cold, sometimes it’s hard to tell if you should hit the gym or if you should give yourself some more sleep eye.

To get better, it’s important to get more sleep — which means if your workout cuts into your sleep time, you might want to skip it — at least in the beginning phases when you are trying to feel better. If you are someone who works out in the middle of the day or after work, try to do a lower intensity workout. Go on the bike, lift some weights or try some yoga.

For me, I think it’s always important to listen to your body. On Saturday, I had the beginnings of the sore throat… but ran 17 miles. I knew that while I felt somewhat sick, I wasn’t to that point of exhaustion and wanting to curl up on the floor and sleep as I stretched. When I woke up this morning, I could barely open my eyes and my throat hurt so bad that I couldn’t swallow. Not a good combination for running.

That being said, if you are sick and spending some time on the couch, you can still focus on your fitness. After all there are tons of great blogs out there (like this, this and this) to keep you entertained and there are also many books that talk about running! Remember how I talked about how much I loved “Running the Edge” by Adam Goucher? Well, you’re in luck! The book is FREE today in honor of Adam’s birthday and his 11th anniversary with Kara. Definitely check it out.


What day are you most productive? What are your tips for working out while sick? 

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