Yesterday I managed to squeak out a 30 minute kettlebell workout filled with squats, swings and cleans. Have I mentioned how much I love my kettlebell?! It seriously is the best investment I’ve ever made in fitness equipment. There is just something about swinging a kettlebell around that makes you feel bad ass. Am I right?

This morning I was hoping to wake up and run, but ended up oversleeping due to this darn cold. I am hoping to get in to see a doctor today because it’s starting to make me crabby.

Last night I was reading the news and came across this headline:

Group: More than half in 39 states will be obese

Um, what?!

The article continues:

We Americans already know how fat we are. Can it get much worse?

Apparently, yes, according to an advocacy group that predicts that by 2030 more than half the people in the vast majority of states will be obese.

Mississippi is expected to retain its crown as the fattest state in the nation for at least two more decades. The report predicts 67 percent of that state’s adults will be obese by 2030; that would be an astounding increase from Mississippi’s current 35 percent obesity rate.

The new projections were released Tuesday by Trust for America’s Health with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Trust for America’s Health regularly reports on obesity to raise awareness, mostly relying on government figures.

The group’s dismal forecast goes beyond the 42 percent national obesity level that federal health officials project by 2030. The group predicts every state would have rates above 44 percent by that time, although it didn’t calculate an overall national average.

I can’t imagine a society where pretty much half the population is obese. That doesn’t include the number of people who are just considered overweight. I mean, this is getting ridiculous. Why in the world can we not take responsibility for ourselves and our health? Why do we constantly have to play the blame game, so that the government wastes its time on passing soda bans instead of truly making a difference in health policies? How will our healthcare system — which is already struggling to perform at the level it is required to today — be able to survive?

People, we need to do something. We ALL need to do something.

I get it. It’s HARD. If it was easy, we wouldn’t have this problem. It takes a lot of work.

But you know what?

It’s the most rewarding type of work. Nothing feels better than when you finish your day knowing you were able to turn down that piece of chocolate at work, or that the best part of your day was that 30 minute sweat session you snuck in before work. Or what about when climbing the stairs was faster than waiting and taking the elevator up a few flights? Or being able to talk about your day with your partner with a walk after dinner?

We need to take responsibility for our health. Like I remember my parents telling me in high school, nobody cares more about you than YOU. So, be selfish. Make YOU the most important part of your day and make YOU the priority. After all, a better, healthier you means a happier life for everyone around you.

Does this research make you mad? What can be done to turn this around? To motivate people to get healthy?

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