Last night I spent my evening doing what any normal business person does while traveling…

…making tutus for our Ragnar team, of course! I am so excited for our costumes, they are going to be AWESOME. Hopefully the person next to me on the flight home (fingers crossed I can catch an earlier one) doesn’t think I’m too crazy when I break out my sewing kit and elastic.

I think the Westin is a great hotel and like to stay here (when it’s in my price range). We always stay at the Westin Waterfront during Boston and it’s so nice. Anyways, I didn’t realize that they offered such a cool program:

How awesome is that!? For people who travel light and aren’t able to pack their workout clothes, so cool that the hotel offers this. Apparently it costs $5 (for workout gear and shoes) and you get to keep the socks. Not a bad deal.

But if you lived in a bubble aka my hotel fitness center for the rest of your life, you wouldn’t think there was any type of obesity epidemic going on. Yesterday it was packed, I got the last treadmill; this morning, I got there around 5:40 a.m. and all the treadmills were taken! I had to bike (yuck) briefly before I could snag one, and I might have been a little too eager telling the guy “No! You don’t have to clean it!”

I promise, I’m not that obsessed.

What do you think about the Westin Workout? 

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