This weekend was so incredible, there is no way in even my wildest dreams that I could even imagine that Ragnar would be so freaking great. Even with it raining the entire weekend (with a few dry spots), it was a blast.

Right about now I wish I was back living in the van with three other girls, running through the Adirondacks, instead of getting ready for work. I will have a full recap up this week (seriously, it is going to take several posts… so amazing).

Yesterday we stuck around the area to see the area. It is absolutely beautiful this time of year with the fall leaves.

Of course, we couldn’t roam the area without wearing our (heavy) medals. The medal is absolutely beautiful and we all agreed, probably the medal that we worked the hardest to earn!

This morning I was feeling ambitious and thought I would get up to run. My legs are still sore so I figured I better rest it out one more day (I ended up running 60+ miles last week so I think an extra rest day is OK).

What’s next?


How was your weekend? Do you have some beautiful fall colors in your area? 

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