Going into Ragnar, I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard some really great things from other people, but it is a concept that you really can’t understand until you experience it. So, the night before and leading up to Ragnar, I was slightly nervous to see what this journey was going to be like. Of course, I slept like a rock (what’s new) and woke up excited to get the show on the road.

Our van (Dayna, Annie and Susan) decided that we would head to the start with Van 1 (Erin, Ashley, Laura and Kara) so we could cheer them on. When we woke up in the pouring rain, we may or may not have second guessed our idea to go to the start at 6 a.m. Of course, we couldn’t abandon our team!

Poor Ashley was the one who kicked off the start… running in the rain. And I mean, real rain not the half-misting half-drizzle that seems to be common in New York. The eternal optimist I am, I kept looking at the radar and tried to convince everyone that the storm was passing through and it was going to be fine.

Four hours later, when our van was ready to take the reigns and kick off our first leg, it did stop raining. I started my first leg around 11:30 a.m. and while it wasn’t sunny, there were very few rain drops coming down.

Of course, before I started, we had to dance with one of the other times — No Pants Dance. These guys ran the entire race in their underwear! It was cold!

I saw Laura coming in to hand off the bracelet and was raring to go! A few corners later and I was running on the highway. I caught up to a guy on another team, Jerry, and we ran together for awhile. This was his eighth Ragnar! How amazing is that. He saw his van and stopped to say hi, where I then caught up with Karim, and chatted with him for a good chunk of the mileage. He has a really cool t-shirt company and was running with Sesame Street, his employer! What an awesome way to get to know your colleagues.

Running this leg really gave me  a feeling of being back in Wisconsin. Lots of farms, winding country highways and open fields. It was absolutely beautiful! Even if it was a dreary day. I wish I would have had the sense to take some pictures, but I was way too into the scenery. Sorry.

Before I knew it, I saw Annie up the road ready for her hand off… and my first leg of just over 14 miles was done! It felt amazing and I think I was on the biggest runner’s high I’ve ever been on afterwards.

annie’s leg!

Stay tuned for Leg 2 tomorrow!

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