If you missed Part 1, check it out here!

I have to admit that this is the leg I was most worried about. Running in the dark? Yikes. The whole time we were planning for Ragnar, I envisioned this leg to be a sprint up the mountain with a bear or something equally as scary following me.

Not even close.

dayna finishing up leg 1!

After our van finished the first leg around 6ish p.m., we decided that we needed to fuel up and get ready for the next leg. We were in Lake George (absolutely beautiful) and headed out to the “strip” which had lots of great places. We decided on a BBQ joint.

our van!

It was quite delicious and a good place to relax for a bit. Then we headed to the next major transition where my vanmates (Annie, Dayna and Susan) headed inside for a brief nap. I was wired and decided to finish making our tutus and also called my mom. Before long, it was 11 p.m. and I knew my leg was right around the corner. I threw on my outfit — my Sweat Pink Ambassador shirt and Nike running pants — and grabbed some Gu Chomps (love these things, by the way) and headed to the transition area. I also did something that they say is the worst thing you can do… try out new gear. I had to give the Injinji socks a shot…

Don’t they just look amazingly comfortable?! That’s because they are.

Before long, Laura was there and I was off!

The first portion of my run was 2.4 miles… before long, the “mile to go” sign was looming in front of me and I was passing through the transition for the second half — 7.3 miles. I must admit, I was a little sad that it was not living up to my fantasy — aka out in the middle of nowhere with no stop lights.

I didn’t have to complain to myself for long because before I knew it, we were back on dark country roads. I passed another runner, who ended up sticking with me. I think unconsciously, I started to speed up a bit. And then we came across another runner, who, when we tried to pass him, stayed with us! It was SO awesome — in the middle of nowhere, running with two strangers. THIS is what makes the running community so phenomenal.

As we approached the last few miles, we all seemed to speed up — unknowingly (or perhaps knowingly) picking up the pace. Suddenly we were at the finish and ohmigod my legs were on FIRE. And for good reason.

Dayna told me I had run the last leg — 7.3 miles — at a 7 minute flat pace! Seriously? This is one thing I did not think I had in me. At one point, it did feel quite fast and I brushed away the reasonable side of me telling me to not push it too hard since I did have another leg to go. Hey, if its working — its working!

Even though this, in my head, was the scariest part of the relay, it was definitely my favorite part. I loved how free it felt to run at night and how amazing it was to run with complete strangers and rock it out.


Stay tuned for a recap of leg 3… coming tomorrow!

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