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So after I finished up amazing leg 2 [AMAZING], I wasn’t sure I’d have much left in the tank for leg 3. But whatever, I was definitely on a runner’s high and the fact that my muscles were cramping and tired and yelling at me didn’t matter…

Once we passed the “baton” (aka slap bracelet) to van 1, we headed to the next major transition to get some sleep. This was at about 4 or 5 a.m. and at this point, we were delirious. OK, I was definitely delirious. You know the running stupids? Yeah, they were hitting us hard core at this point… but even though we were quite tired, we just couldn’t give in and not cheer on our vanmates!

So anyways, at the major transition, Dayna went in to sleep in the gym while we slept in the car. OK, some really interesting positions ensued. I was in the back of an SUV and really didn’t have much space. I think at one point I was sleeping sitting straight up with my feet against the seat in front of me. Somehow, I managed a few hours of sleep… and next thing I knew, it was my time to run again!

Sadly, the dumb rain had kicked in again. But nowhere near to what Ashley had to deal with. It was definitely manageable, but a little chillier than I was expecting. Luckily we had lots of company to keep us warm…

with ashley


Laura came flying down the hill to pass the bracelet and I was off in my Under Armour shirt, PRO Compression socks and Nike shorts (yes, that is a faux veil in my hair! I also like to wear sunglasses in the rain so my contacts don’t get funky). I thought maybe my legs would loosen up. Not a chance. This was my second longest leg, 11.8 miles.


My legs felt like they usually do after 20 miles in a marathon. Heavy and in need of a little convincing to keep pumping. Instead of 6.2 miles to battle through, I had nearly twice that. Anyways, I decided that I better enjoy the views to take my mind off the fact that my legs were screaming in misery. And with the beautiful views of this area, definitely not a challenge. This entire leg ran along a river with beautiful boulders and shaded by a mountain with vibrant fall colors. It was AMAZING.

This picture doesn’t even come close to doing it justice. The mountain looked like it was on FIRE with all the oranges and reds… I was just waiting for a moose to jump in front of me, which would have definitely completed the experience.

After I passed the first transition area, I thought my legs would get a little happier but they never did. That’s OK, I just took in the experience and spent my time ENJOYING the view. <– I don’t get to do enough of that in NYC.

By time I saw the “mile to go” sign, I was to the point where one mile feels like 10 miles (I swear this was misplaced). But before long I was at the finish and my running experience was over, for this Ragnar anyways. This leg was a challenge, but a good challenge. For the next marathon I run, I will have this experience to look back on and know that I can dig deep and take it to the next level. And then I’ll know that digging deep means that afterwards, I come up with stuff like this

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