OK people… I’ve been counting down all week in my head and I just have to say: this will be my last Friday Randomness post before I’m MARRIED! Along with my last weekend too! How insane. Right? But I’m excited. So so so very excited.

And you should be excited… excited to enter my giveaway that is! Do it.


Favorite Five


So we all know that New York is super expensive. Like last night I went to get my hair done before the wedding and it would have been $240 (for a cut and partial highlights). I’m not lying! Thank goodness for Lifebooker, which is like Groupon for personal care services, I only paid 1/4 of the cost.

Quick question — the stylist was telling me that I should only shampoo/condition my hair every other day instead of every day. Doing it every day dries it out and it’ll look healthier and shinier if I do this. What’s your opinion? How often do you shampoo/condition?

Anyways, earlier this week I came across something even more ridiculous — a ponytail bar.


They charge $50 for you to get a ponytail. OK, I know they aren’t your typical messy-I’m-going-to-workout look but REALLY? It’s a ponytail. 


What do you think about this?


Two of my favorite people in the world own a t-shirt company, Scared Panda, and they are launching some amazing shirts today — perfect for fall. Check it out. 🙂


What are your random thoughts for the day? 

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