You are probably wondering when I am going to shut up about Ragnar Adirondacks (read my posts here, here and here). I’ll probably never stop talking about it (I was peppering C with comments all today starting with “When we were running Ragnar…” — haha) but this is meant to be the culminating post… the final of all finals… so get ready. 🙂

While there are hundreds of things that I could say that I love about Ragnar, I thought I’d talk about my favorite 10… and the countdown begins:

10. Getting called “crazy” about 96 more times. When people ask me what I am doing/did for my bachelorette party, I tell them about Ragnar. Half the people don’t get it (the whole running 200 miles in about a day throws them off), and the ones that do, insist that there is no way that it can be more fun than spending a night hitting the bars. At this point, when I disagree, you would think my first name is “Crazy” since I’m pretty sure they’ll call me nothing else moving forward.

9. Being able to act like a runner with no questions asked. I swear, the people who lived in the communities we ran through probably felt like the running crazies came to town for the convention. But, being able to spend a weekend wearing workout clothes (unmatching at that), yelling out car windows at people running down the road (we tried this in Lake Placid when we saw a guy walking with an Ironman bag, and he looked at us like we were crazy), not taking my hair out of a ponytail or putting on make up, and eating everything with peanut butter, was quite amazing. I just wish I could act like this every day.

8. Being able to say I’m a Ragnarian. I think that speaks for itself.

7. Finding new running rituals. As a runner, you are synonymous with “creature of habit.” The first race rule is to switch up nothing. Well, running Rangar, that really isn’t possible. I found that I love running in PRO Compression socks. I learned that Gu Chomps are my new favorite long run fuel. And, of course, that interesting combinations make for the best sandwiches.

6. A unique way to explore a new area. While Saratoga and Lake Placid (plus the distance in between) have unique qualities, it is an area that I’m sure wouldn’t have made the top of our vacation list.

I love that I had the opportunity to experience the area with a unique perspective. And, I now know that Lake Placid has to be a return trip (to cheer on Kara in July, perhaps?). But definitely opened my eye to a different type of New York, one that I love.

5. Running through the night. I must admit that this part of the race terrified me. Like I mentioned before, I had this vision that I was going to be running with bears, coyotes and even mountain lions. But no, it was on a road. How many people can say they’ve run part of a race in the middle of the night, though? It was such a calming experience — nothing standing in your way, an opportunity to meditate while enjoying the winding roads.

4. The medals. These are some sweet hardware, and yes, definitely earned.

I absolutely love that they are bottle openers! How fun. I think Ragnar really gets runners and the fact that we like to run hard and play hard.

3. Costumes. We had some sweet costumes. Thanks to Running Skirts and PRO Compression socks, my first outfit was complete:

I also loved the Maids of Dishonor jerseys we got printed by Custom Ink. This definitely won’t be hiding in the back of my closet.

2. Instant friendship. I knew a few of the girls on our team (Kara, Ashley and Dayna) beforehand, and love that through one weekend, we’ve all become friends.

Friends that automatically have an amazing thing in common — an experience of a lifetime. I can’t wait to get to know these ladies more and create even more great memories in the coming months.

1. Feeling like a real runner. I’ve been running for a long time, like 15 years. But I must say I never felt as much of a real runner as I did during and after Ragnar. I feel like this is a secret side of the running community that really opens your eyes to how amazing it is. I already love the running community and the fact that you can hold a 30-minute conversation about compression gear with a complete running stranger… but Ragnar encompassed all of this and MUCH MORE. The camaraderie, the excitement, the amazing feeling of running through the night… and not to mention, the feeling on being part of a team, which can be hard to find in running.


If you don’t have your fill of recaps, check out these by Dayna, Erin, Ashley and Kara!

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