Alysia and I used to waitress together back in the day… and we reconnected recently because of our passion for health and fitness. She blogs over at Slim Sanity and is always posting awesome recipes and work out ideas… plus her cheerfulness is catching!

Hey everyone! I’m Alysia, the author of Slim Sanity. I blog my daily life including how I keep fit, have fun, and eat fresh foods! I’ve been on a streak of recipes lately, but today I’m bringing a sweaty good time over to Crazy Running Girl. That is, if you live for leg day!

Strength training is my favorite way to work a sweat. Nothing makes me feel more empowered than lifting some heavy weights! The work out I’ve got for you today could be done with or without dumbbells, although adding weight will definitely give you an extra challenge.

After a 15 minute warm up jog, this workout took me about 30 minutes to complete. I repeated each set twice, and was definitely a sweaty mess by the end of the bonus round! My heart rate was up the entire workout. The two moves that got me working the hardest were the squat with calf raise and the screamers. These are two moves I’ve picked up from doing ChaLean Extreme! Once you watch the video below to see what ‘screamers’ are, you’ll understand the name once you start to do them. J They are my new favorite move for working the glutes.

If you need an idea of what some of these moves are, you can find an explanation here:

Forward Lunge with Pulse Step forward like a regular lunge, but pulse up and down once before returning to standing position

Plie Squat with Calf Raise

Single Leg Raises

Lateral Lunge with Leg Raise

Squat with Calf Raise Lower yourself into the normal front squat position. Lift heels up for a calf raise, then lower heels before standing into upright position.



Hope you enjoy it!

What is your go-to lower body workout?

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