So the deal with C was that after Boston, I wouldn’t run another marathon until we are married. Of course, since he didn’t specify any other race distance, I signed up for every other race that sounded amazing. I may or may not have burned my legs out with all the racing. But hey, it was fun… and I am getting lots of rest in Jamaica and Spain!

So, my first post-wedding marathon is the Brooklyn Marathon. It is in its second year and thus far, has humble beginnings (much like the NYC Marathon). It caps out at 500 people and the course is run strictly in the park. I love Prospect Park but I must admit that I am slightly nervous about doing all the loops.

What do I mean about all the loops?

The race will start and end on Center Drive in Prospect Park. The course exits Center Drive at West Drive makes 2 circuits of the lower loop of the park, followed by six full loops and one final lower loop before returning to Center Drive from East Drive and completing.


There are a total of nine loops. Three of the loops are shorter than the long loop, which is what I commonly run when I head to Prospect Park. I think once I get into the “zone” it’ll make the loops less daunting. I have never run a course like this so I’m excited to see what it’s like.

So, that brings me back to goals… what are my goals for this race? Granted I’m not getting a lot of training done on our honeymoon, but it doesn’t worry me too much. The first year I qualified for the Boston Marathon was when I ran the Madison Marathon. About four weeks before, we went to Japan for a week and a half. While we walked a lot, I only went running once. And I PRed. Maybe that can happen again? I think if anything, my body will be nice and recovered after vacation and it might work to my advantage.

Goals for the Brooklyn Marathon

  • PR. Of course, I would love to PR. My current PR is 3:31.44 (I swear that number is imprinted in my brain) from NYC in 2010. I would love to break 3:30, or even faster than that, so we’ll see.
  • Dominate the Prospect Park hill. I will be running this hill nine times. I need to dominate this hill. Granted it’s not as hard as what Erin faced at Ragnar, but it is a sizable hill.
  • Push myself for the last 6 miles. I think the loops may help because since we’re running the same ones, I’ll be able to mentally challenge myself to step it up since I’ll know what’s coming. I feel like I have been *meh* in pushing myself forward. This will be the race where I can push the limits and prepare for Houston, Boston and Big Sur in 2013.
  • Have fun. This is one of the most important things when it comes to running. If it’s not fun, you won’t love it. No matter how much it hurts or how difficult the course is mentally, one of my top goals is to have a good time! Enjoy the sites, make some friends and feel lucky for running in such an amazing event. I can’t wait til this marathon grows to the point where they move it to the seats and when I can be old school and say, “I remember when the Brooklyn Marathon only had 500 runners and looped around the park…”


Have you ever run a course similar to the Brooklyn Marathon? What is your top goal when running a race? 

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