At Ragnar, I checked a few things off the bucket list… one of those being trying out running skirts. I’ve always wanted to try running in one but never knew where to start. There are just so many brands and companies and styles… and then on top of that the colors!

Running Skirts was one of our amazing sponsors for Maids of Dishonor and helped us look classy and stylish for our first leg.

I absolutely LOVED running in the skirt! At first I was a little wary because it seemed a little tight, but I think it’s because it was the never worn tightness. (However, you may want to consider buying up a size).

The comfort level is quite amazing. I used some of this stuff beforehand so I didn’t have to worry about chafing. I must say my favorite part about running in a skirt is feeling like a girl! And a little sexy. 🙂

Bottom line? If you haven’t run in a skirt before, do it (even if you are a guy). It’s a fun way to kick off a run and I think it’ll be useful to have one of these (or maybe more… hehe) in my closet for those days I just don’t want to get out of bed. How can you not want to run when you are wearing something cute and fun (not to mention functional)?!

Do you run in skirts? What is your favorite thing about running in them? 

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