Yesterday I ended up not buying any candy corn. It’s not because I didn’t want to, but I had to rush home so I could… you guessed it… work some more. It was such an awful day that I hope today is somewhat better. Truthfully, I have been considering a career change but am a) too scared to commit to it and b) not sure if it’s the right time. Anyways, that’s for another post.

However, I think I may need to splurge on the candy corn today to keep my sanity.

This morning was the first time I ran since our wedding day, when I went running with my maid of honor, Dayna and her sister. It was actually a lot of fun — we took a taxi to a nearby hotel and ran on their property since the place was huge.

Since we are still on Spain time (6 hours ahead), getting up early was no problem! We’ll see if I’m still saying that next week. I did my usual loop around the park and my legs were so happy. They felt light, fresh and even had a little spring in them! I think a nice long break was needed for them to re-energize. Between Ragnar and the Staten Island Half, they were feeling pretty beat up. With the Brooklyn Marathon less than a month away (eek!), I hope this feeling sticks around.

Now, for the exciting stuff — giveaway winner!

Congratulations to Jen at Just JenYou are the lucky winner!

Please email me at bklynrunning (at) within the next few days. Thank you to all who entered!

What’s the longest break you have taken from running? Have you switched careers? 

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