When we were planning our wedding (sorry, more wedding talk!), one of the things that we slightly worried about was “what if there’s a hurricane?” Technically, October is still hurricane season… but we decided that chances of a hurricane that late in the season, especially one to hit Jamaica, would be slim (we researched it pretty well). So it’s pretty insane that 10 days later, Hurricane Sandy is headed that way!

We are thanking our lucky stars that we didn’t choose the 26th (which was briefly talked about since it is 13+13) and stuck with 13. Just hope everyone who is in Jamaica right now, including our awesome new friends from the resort, are safe.

Speaking of safe, this is Apollo’s new favorite place to sit:

Yep, on top of bubble wrap. He goes nuts for it anytime it’s out, so I left a big chunk out for him last night. He was in heaven. And that string under it? Yeah, his other new obsession — he likes to carry it around the house.


And just because this might be the most random post ever, let’s talk about hair. I’m not sure if you read Skinny Runner’s blog (check it out if you don’t), but she has definitely mastered dirty hair. Remember when I got my hair cut for the wedding and the stylist suggested not shampooing/conditioning daily? Well, I’m going for it. Today starts a new pattern of hair washing — one day on, one day off. Maybe I’ll finally have that Pantene hair everyone dreams about…

Oh, and I did manage to wake up and run this morning. It has been SO hard readjusting to normal life again, I don’t know what the deal is. Last night I was so exhausted that I couldn’t keep my eyes open while on the couch, even when trying to surf Pinterest. You probably could have offered me a deal like the Trumpster has to Obama and I still wouldn’t have been able to keep my eyes open.


Do your pets have any weird obsessions? What shampoo/conditioner do you use? 


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