I am just going to admit it: I suck at taking a rest day.

My goal the whole week (note: if you are taking a long vacation in a different time zone, it’s good to take the day after you get back off work… trust me) was to spend today lazing around and doing nothing. I already rescheduled my long run for tomorrow morning (last 20 miler before Brooklyn!) and managed to sleep until 10:30. I was pretty sure that I would be zonked until at least early afternoon.

Of course, with all the hype about the Frankenstorm, I figured that I should probably get some food in our cupboards today rather than waiting a few days (plus, I’m sure everything is going to be out of control tomorrow in stores). So I bought the essentials.

And then had a bright idea that I wanted to make some cookies (I did think about making that pie I posted about yesterday but sadly don’t have enough room in our place to roll out pie crust, boo) so I went to Corrie Anne’s blog. If you ever need a good cookie recipe, go there. You won’t be disappointed.

She led me to this awesome Monster Cookie recipe — perfect for this time of year! I revised it (we didn’t have chunky peanut butter, so I added in peanuts; and I couldn’t resist these white chocolate candy corn M&Ms so added those and regular M&Ms as the extra) and it turned out pretty good.

My two favorite things about making these cookies: 1) the dough isn’t the “eat me” type of dough, which means more cookies to bake and 2) it gave me a chance to use of some ingredients on hand.

They are really good, but a bit sweet (I think it might be the white chocolate). I like that it’s really easy to customize the recipe and use whatever you have in your kitchen. They would be good with raisins, nuts, anything really.

After making these cookies, I finally decided to unpack and clean up… and suddenly C was home from work. So much for taking a rest day.


Do you think Frakenstorm will really be as bad as they say? Are you a lazy day type of person or do you have to be productive?

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