We are still waiting for Sandy to show up, nothing crazy is going on really… kind of windy, roads are quiet and lots of people get a “hurricane day” off work and school (unfortunately, I have to work from home… as long as I have power so we’ll see). It’s supposed to start getting bad this afternoon…

So while waiting for the worst houseguest ever, I worked on a few things yesterday:

I tried making white chicken chili for the second time.

I cannot find a good recipe for this stuff! It always turns out like soup. That will be goal for the rest of the year — figure out how to make this stuff!

I also caught up on my magazine reading and saw this ad in Runner’s World…

Is it just me or do you now want to run this race? I know nothing about Little Rock but this ad make it look really fun.

And there was a feature on the Brooklyn Marathon!

It made me really excited for it. Speaking of the marathon, my legs are sooo sore today! A good feeling, but I haven’t been this sore after a long run in awhile… I guess making sure the muscles are ready for the big race in t-minus three weeks!


Do you have a good white chicken chili recipe that you can share with me? What is one of your “dream” races?


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