We live in Park Slope, Brooklyn which is located next to Prospect Park and literally gets its name because it is located in the area that “slopes” from the park. Because of this, we are on a hill. On the evacuation map, we are in the evacuation zone for Category 3 or 4 hurricane. That being said, we still prepared for Hurricane Sandy because nobody knew what to expect.

Last night things did get a little crazy with a lots of wind, some loud bangs and one very nervous kitty.

(The other cat was occupied with watching the storm from our bed.)

Anyways, we had a few flickers of electricity throughout the night and each time we thought THIS IS IT… but our power never failed. There were some crazy pictures posted online that showed that Manhattan was not faring as well:



Absolute insanity. Since the subways are down (and bridges are closed), we are at home again today. The winds are still a little crazy but nothing like last night.

neighborhood view from our apartment.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been impacted by Sandy and hope everyone stays safe… and continues to stay safe as it heads north and west. The best thing you can do is stay inside until clean up begins… you don’t know what’s hiding under trees and other rubble!


If you are on the East Coast, did Sandy impact you? Is Sandy headed your way? 

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