With things (somewhat) back to normal in Park Slope, I decided to go out on my run this morning before I logged in to work from home (feeling lucky that I can work from home until transit is back up and running; many people have to take several buses and wait in ridiculous lines to do so, double or even tripling their commute times). For once, I brought my camera in to take some shots of the destruction:

street, two blocks from our apartment.


uprooted tree in park (see the person behind it? that’s how huge it is)


ready to rumble for clean up


another huge tree uprooted.


i think lightning spliced this branch off the tree?


Absolutely insane! Everyone is working so hard to clean up the damage and get things back to “normal.” It sounds like it’ll be awhile before subways are running at full capacity. This is a crazy video that shows one of the stations, where water is up to the ceiling. So insane.

If you want to help those in need impacted by Hurricane Sandy, the best way to do so is to donate to the Red Cross. You can also help our furry friends by donating to the Humane Society

About 3/4 through my run, a park official stopped me to say that the park was still closed (it was filled with tons of runners, dog owners, parents with strollers, etc.) because they are worried about branches falling. Oops.


In other news, today is Halloween… HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

We were going to get BOOritos from Chipotle tonight, but since we have no way of getting there, we are postponing… however, I am treating myself to some Halloween goodies: new running shoes and this awesome sweatshirt from Oiselle.

How are you celebrating Halloween? Do you dress up each year? What’s your favorite Halloween movie? 

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