Thank you to everyone who has spread the word and joined the Virtual Race for Hurricane Sandy Recovery! We have already raised 30% of our initial goal and Kara and I are so excited and thankful for your support! Stay tuned in the coming days for more details on the sweet giveaways! Don’t forget to tell all of your friends… the running community is absolutely awesome (as if this isn’t proof enough!). 


Because of Hurricane Sandy, the Brooklyn Nets home opener was pushed to last night. And we were lucky enough to get tickets to go! On top of that, our tickets were only $15 each. C was quite skeptical about these tickets and was ready to buy some binoculars in advance of the game…

They actually turned out to be quite good, our view wasn’t too bad at all.

The guys sitting behind us were HILARIOUS and I really wanted to ask them to be our friends. They had the same humor as C and I so we were laughing the entire game, which only made it more awesome.

Oh, AND we got some t-shirts when we walked in that said “Fan Since Day 1” … the lady actually gave C three instead of one so I guess we’ll have some extras for Christmas gifts. 😉

They also announced that the mascot for the team is the Brooklyn Knight (actually spelled BrooklyKnight)… it took me half of the first quarter to understand the play on words. Oh blonde hair.

Jay-Z and Beyonce were also in attendance, sitting courtside… so I spent most of the game giving updates to C (“Jay-Z is standing up now.” “Oh, did you see Beyonce’s new haircut?”) — I’m sure it made him really excited to be at a game with a girl as he was trying to concentrate on what was going on ON the court. I was really excited to cheer for Joe Johnson because obviously he has one of the best last names ever.

It actually was a really good game and close the entire time and the Nets ended up pulling out a win. On the way out they gave us comic books that were actually pretty cool. It would be awesome if they would keep these up for every home game!

Today is dedicated to my favorite sport in the world (behind running of course) — football (GO PACKERS!). The past couple Sundays, I’ve also tried to make white chicken chili with no luck… so here we go round 3.

How are you spending your Sunday? What is your favorite sport in the world (besides running)? 

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