Yesterday I finally had a successful venture into making chili…

It turned out pretty good (not the white chicken chili I was looking for). I also made this corn bread to accompany it which was SUPER good. C has said he’s had enough chili so we’ll be on a break for awhile. That gives me a good couple of weeks to find the most amazing recipe ever. This is my new fall obsession: perfecting the chili recipe.

Corrie Anne (one of my favs, check her out!) has been talking about how one of their dogs is not a morning dog… and I think I can same the same about Apollo. Which is weird, because aren’t cats nocturnal? So you would think he wouldn’t be too upset about an early morning.

Nope, he’s so lazy that he just sits on the couch and stares at you like, “what are you doing? you shouldn’t be up for another three hours.” (I wish!) Of course, our other cat is jumping and screaming and running like a banshee.

We also have a nickname for Apollo, Junk Yard Cat. He gets this nickname because he likes to go through the garbage (?) and pull out stuff that we threw away to play with. Yesterday I threw away this necklace that I haven’t worn since I was a sophomore in high school (not even kidding) and this morning found it in the middle of the floor. Luckily he can only access the office garbage (and he has to push away the exercise ball in the process).

So HOORAY for Daylight Savings Time yesterday as I got an extra hour of sleep… and it wasn’t that rough waking up early this morning! I thought it was going to be pretty bad since last week I worked from home and spent the week sleeping in (no commute!), not brushing my hair and eating monster cookies for breakfast. Time to get back to grown up world, I guess.

I did my favorite loop around the park and it was CHILLY… like I needed to be wearing a headband for my ears! I’ll take it and hope the Brooklyn Marathon stays the same. Oh yes, and for anyone who is in the area and trained for NYC Marathon, check out the Brooklyn Marathon — they’ve opened a waitlist and hope to expand the field a bit.

P.S. Sign up for the Virtual Run for Hurricane Sandy Recovery! CLICK Espresso Protein and RoadID are offering prizes for entrants… with more companies coming with great prizes!


Do you like “falling back” or “springing forward” better for Daylight Savings Time? What’s the next race on your schedule?¬†

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