Yesterday I was lucky to be featured on Tasha at Healthy Diva on the Run’s blog. Tasha is an amazing person and one of my favorite bloggers ever. Like she says in the post, one of these days we WILL meet. Go check it out and make sure to add Tasha to your blog roll.

One of the things that I love about running in the morning is that I always feel so productive! I always have lots of energy after my run (who doesn’t?!) so am inspired to do a lot of different things. This is probably why I’m always flying out the door because I start working on random tangents and then realize I have to leave for work…

So let me brag a little bit… it’s not even 8 a.m. and I’ve already run and voted! Woo woo. The lines for voting were longer than I expected at 6:30 a.m. but I guess that’s just New York City living. I do love being able to literally run errands! And the fact that I wasn’t the only runner with this idea.

Random Fact: I have lived in a different state for the past four elections (including today). Wonder where we’ll be for the 2016 election?

I don’t want to get into the political side of things, but I do want to say GO VOTE… especially if you are in a swing state! Do your research — the best places for information are the candidates’ websites. While some media claims to be unbiased, I think it’s hard to be completely unbiased because reporters are human after all and politics are one of those things that can get the sweetest person in a rage.

Last election we lived in Florida so we did absentee. This is the first time I’ve actually gone to a polling place (other than when I was little with my parents) and the dork in me was kind of excited. For some reason I wasn’t on the magic list of residents in our district so I didn’t get to use the electronic scanner thing and had to fill mine out by hand. Next time around. 🙂

If you don’t know what district you live in, what to bring to the polls (I had ID and utility bill in case) or even how you can vote, check it out on your state’s website.


Do you ever “run” (literally) errands? Are you planning on voting today? 


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