Kara and I are amazed at all the support we’ve received for the Virtual Race for Hurricane Sandy Recovery! Thank you to everyone who has joined and contributed. In just a few days, we’ve already reached 75% of our initial goal to raise $1,000. I think that means we have to up our goal! Or as Carrisa said, we need to see how much we can surpass that initial goal.

As we noted in our announcement of the race, we are coordinating giveaways for those who participate and donate. So far, we have several great companies on board including RoadID, Sweat Pink and CLICK Espresso Protein Powder with many more on the way. We’ll keep you posted on other giveaways. Just as a note, the giveaways will most likely happen on or around Dec. 1 after the fundraising period is over.

Just a shout out to some of the awesome bloggers who have joined us already — head on over to their blogs and let them know how awesome they are :):

Barking Mad About Running  |   Travel, Run, Eat  |  CMJ Hawk 86  |  Dayna Tris NYC  |  Running on Waffles  |  Super {Runner} Mama  |  Crystal Fun2Race  |  The Life and Vibes Of  |  Skinny Runner  |  Running Bun  |  MSP Run  |  Simplifying Sam |  Breathe Deeply and Smile

THANK YOU ALL for your amazing support and let’s keep it up! Don’t forget to let us know how your race or run goes — we would love to see pictures! Email me at bklynrunning (at) gmail.com.

Want more information on how to sign up for the Virtual Race for Hurricane Sandy Recovery? Go here

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