Last night as we were watching the election coverage, C noticed that I said one state funny (what’s new, apparently my WI accent makes me say a lot of things funny ha). So, very important question, how do you pronounce this state:

New Hampshire

Do you say “shire” or do you say “sure”? Hopefully some of you are in the same boat as me and I’m not the only one that says it the way that I do.

Anyways, to break away from all the coverage last night, I participated in a Twitter chat with MPG. It’s this really cool company that has a lot of amazing clothes. I was surprised to see how discounted their sale selection is. I really like these leggings, and for $32 (normally $64), I think it’s a pretty good deal:

I may have to splurge (even though my wallet is on a diet this month…). These are necessary to get through the cold winter that we’re predicted to have in New York. Is that enough justification? 🙂 I did buy some new running shoes.

I know others (like Skinny Runner) have a more concrete way of tracking miles on their shoes but for me, I generally go by feel. You are supposed to change them out every 300-400 miles, but after running in them for 3-6 months and I start to feel random aches and pains, I know that it’s time for me to change mine out.

Today is Wednesday which means the work week is almost over (wahoo!) AND it also means that I’ll be sharing something really awesome and cool with you all tomorrow. I’ll give you a hint:

OK, how do you pronounce “New Hampshire”? What do you think of the leggings? Any ideas of what tomorrow’s something cool is? 

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