My super awesome friends Clint and Katie started a t-shirt business a few years ago: Scared Panda. I absolutely love the name and I am pretty obsessed with their stuff because it is just pure awesome. They founded the shirt when they lived in Chicago and created some awesome designs (like this one) that only Chicagoans will appreciate. Last year, they moved to New York City and created some fun designs that integrated the city here into their shirts (I love this one).

Now, they are back in Minneapolis (MN is their home state) and are designing a lot of awesome shirts that have a Minnesota theme. The most amazing part of the company is that they donate 10 percent of their sales to Minnesota Computer for Schools, an organization that helps to bring technology into the classroom. Clint and Katie are pretty awesome!

I had the chance to chat with Katie last night to find out what they are planning for the holidays and what’s coming up next. Check it out:


Scared Panda is slowly taking over my closet. My favorite shirt from them is definitely the buried thermal that Katie talked about:

It’s super comfy and soft. Perfect for those cold winter days!

So go on and check out Scared Panda… like I said, their shirts make the best stocking stuffers! They have a lot on their blog, and some of the shirts are on sale for only $10. You can’t beat that!

Any additional questions for Scared Panda? Are you a t-shirt person? 

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