Thanks everyone for answering the most important question ever yesterday (how you do you pronounce New Hampshire?). I am in the small boat that says “shire.” Apparently this is wrong. BUT, Tasha at Healthy Diva on the Run also says it this way (wahoo!) so I’m not the only one.

You may have heard that there was a nor’easter headed towards the East Coast yesterday/today. We were only supposed to get rain, which ended up changing to snow… When I left work in Manhattan, it wasn’t sticking. 40 minutes later when I got out of the train in Brooklyn, it was a blizzard! There were already a couple inches on the ground.

I absolutely love snow but it feels wrong to be excited for it when so many are still out of power and recovering from Sandy. Luckily its supposed to be in the 60s this weekend so hopefully it’ll melt away so recovery can continue. (P.S. If you haven’t checked it out yet, here is the link to learn more about the Virtual Race for Hurricane Sandy Recovery — help us meet and exceed our fundraising goal!)

It continued to snow during the night and I woke up to this:

Thank goodness boots are fashionable this season. 🙂 But this meant I skipped the run that was supposed to happen. I didn’t want to deal with running through slush, ice, etc. with the Brooklyn Marathon so close. It’s not a big deal considering I am in taper mode and I’m sure my legs appreciate the rest more than anything.

Oh, and riddle me this… my cat likes to sit on the side of the bed where the A/C is, meaning that there is NO way to look outside. He’ll sit there for a good 10 minutes just staring at the air conditioner? Weird!

Come back later today for my really awesome and cool post!


Have you had any snow this year? Are you a winter or summer person? 

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