I feel like I start each Friday post off the same, but I just can’t help it: YAY it’s Friday!! The best day of the week!! Wahoo!! This week seemed to take forever, anyone else?

Is it sad that the thing I am most excited for tonight is to go to Target to get some extra storage so I can finally put away my clothes? I literally have NO ROOM for anything anywhere. I think that’s a sign I need to stop shopping too! I literally spent 15 minutes trying to find components of my running outfit this morning, and still ended up wearing two completely different socks. Hopefully some organization will help.


Favorite Five

  • Angela at Happy Fit Mama is hosting a giveaway for Sprigs Banjee Wrist Wallet. The giveaway closes tomorrow night.
  • Another great giveaway is being held by Sharon at The Girl’s Got Sole for some Sweaty Bands! The giveaway closes on November 19.
  • Natalie at This Mama Can Run is also holding a giveaway for PRO Compression socks (these are quite amazing). It closes on Sunday so don’t forget to sign up to win.
  • Not enough giveaways? Beth at Shut Up and Run is giving away some SportyGirl jewelry, which sells some amazing rings. Winner will be announced on Monday.
  • Ashley at Healthier, Happier Bear created a rebuilding registry for a fellow running blogger, Jen, who lost everything due to Hurricane Sandy. Such an awesome idea! Check out her post and make sure to visit the registry — it will show you how amazing the running community is with all the things already purchased.


Update on Virtual Run for Hurricane Sandy Recovery:

When Kara and I decided to host the virtual run, we thought reaching $1,000 would be a pretty amazing goal. But YOU GUYS ARE ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! And we are SO close to meeting that:


That’s right, the fundraiser is less than a week old and we are only $15 away! I think we can continue on this path and exceed our goal by A LOT. Can you imagine if we raised $1,000 each WEEK? That would be incredible. I feel like for most natural disasters, the media creates this frenzy the days following… but of course, they get tied up into something else (i.e., the election this week) and stop covering it. But that doesn’t mean that people impacted by the disaster still aren’t hurting and trying to recover.

And I should mention that we have some pretty fantastic sponsors: Road ID, Sweat Pink and CLICK Espresso Protein Powder. Yesterday my friends at Cheribundi said they want IN and they are giving away some AMAZING prizes (this stuff is pretty awesome, I need to write a review about it).

You can’t win unless you sign up!





What are you up to this weekend? Are you always overexcited when the weekend gets here, or is that just me? 

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